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About Side, a Fascinating Mediterranean City Intertwined with History

From the Lydians to the Persians, from Alexander the Great to the Hellenic kingdoms and the Romans, many civilizations have come and gone; The ancient city of Side, which carries the building features of the Greek, Roman and Byzantine periods to this day. The City of Pomegranates, which Hesychius mentions in his dictionary.
The ruins you can see in the ancient city of Side are the city walls, the city gate, the Nymphaeum, the waterway, the colonnaded streets, the houses, the Trade Agora, the Ancient Theater, the Agora Bath (Side Museum), the Vespasian Fountain and the Monumental Gate, the Triumphal Arch, the Temple of Dionysus, the basilica, the harbor bath, the Temple of Apollo, the Temple of Athena, the Southern Basilica, the Great Bath, the State Agora, the Baptistery, the Episcopal Palace and Basilica, the Philippus Attius Wall.

The ancient city of Side, located in the Mediterranean Region, is located in the Manavgat district of Antalya.

It is 5 km from Manavgat. You can reach the Aletris Deluxe Hotel by taxi or minibus.

It is 60 km from Antalya Airport. Transportation is provided by taxi or private transfer vehicles.

Side Ancient Theatre

The theater was built in the tradition of Roman architecture in the center of the ancient city of Side.

Side Ancient City Apollo - Temple of Athena

The Temple of Apollo is named after Apollo, one of the chief gods of the city of Side, known as the god of light, beauty and art. The Temple of Apollo, located by the sea in Side, is a heritage worth seeing with its historical ruins. You can sit on the stones of the temple and watch the sunset from here.

Side Ancient City – Monumental Fountain

Side Ancient City is located opposite the main entrance gate with two towers. The Nymphaeum Fountain is the largest ancient fountain in Anatolia and the Pamphylia region. It is popularly referred to as the "9 Fountains".

Side Museum

It was built in the 2nd century AD in the ancient city of Side and was established in an ancient bath building (Agora Bath) that has survived to the present day with additional buildings and changes in the 5th-6th centuries AD.

Modern Side

The main street of Side is also a shopping center with shops selling all kinds of touristic goods.
In the port, there are various bars, cafes and entertainment venues as well as restaurants where you can taste local dishes.

Antalya's favorite SIDE

Side has a long coast and a clear and shallow sea. This place is also ideal for swimming in the sea, paragliding, diving and flight training.

Underwater Museum

This is Turkey's first underwater museum, which opened in 2015. 110 sculptures depicting the richness of Anatolian civilization in five main themes are exhibited. Anyone who actively dives and has a diving certificate can visit the museum free of charge.

Manavgat Waterfall

Located in Manavgat, the second largest district of Antalya, it fascinates those who see it with its magnificent views.

Aspendos Ancient City – Aspendos Theater

The ancient city of Aspendos is one of the important ancient cities of Turkey. The magnificent Aspendos Ancient Theater with a capacity of 12,000 people, where concerts, theaters and various events are held, is 35 km from Side.

Koprulu Canyon

Rafting can be done in this 14 km long canyon, which has breathtaking beauty, during the summer months.
Seleukia Ancient City
Located near the town of Manavgat, this ancient city is another historical place that can be seen in Side.

Altinbesik Cave

Another must-see place in Side is definitely Altınbeşik Cave. This cave, also known as Dudensuyu Cave, has a 125-meter-long lake.